Our Client Service Standards

We have a rigorous set of client service standards which are designed to ensure that we fulfill our professional responsibilities to the satisfaction of our clients. These standards are followed throughout the firm to ensure quality service to all our clients.

  • Determine, on each engagement, who our clients are and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance.
  • Analyze client's needs and professional service requirements.
  • Develop client service objectives that will enable us to fulfill our professional responsibilities, satisfy our client's needs, and exceed their expectations. Prepare an appropriate client service plan to achieve these client service objectives.
  • Execute the client service plan in a manner, which ensures commitments are met, potential problems anticipated and surprises avoided.
  • Establish effective communications, both internal and external, to enhance client perceptions of the value and quality of our service.
  • Provide management with insights on the current condition of their business and meaningful suggestions for improvement.
  • Continually broaden and strengthen our relationships with key management personnel to facilitate effective communication.
  • Ensure that any professional, technical, or client-service problem is resolved promptly with timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect.
  • Obtain from the client, formally and informally, a regular assessment of our performance.
  • Receive fees that reflect the value of services provided and responsibilities assumed and are considered fair and reasonable by our clients.
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